How do I wash my shirt/item for the first time after I complete the Try-Dye activity?

For best results, follow the steps below:

  1. Leave the dyed shirt in the bag for at least 24 hours.
  2. After 24 hours, remove the shirt from the bag.
  3. Remove paper towels, and with the rubber bands in place, squeeze the shirt under cool running water to remove extra dye.
  4. Remove the rubber bands.
  5. Wash the shirt (by itself) in the washing machine in HOT water, with 1-2 tablespoons of dishwashing liquid.
  6. Dry on HOT.

The dye is now permanently bonded to the fabric. In the future, your shirt can be washed in warm or cold water, with other brightly colored clothing.

The first time I wash them, can I put more than one tie-dyed item in the wash together?

Up to four items can be washed together the first time, provided you complete the rinsing step thoroughly (see above). If you are washing several items at once, set the washer load size to full.

I accidentally spilled some dye on my clothing when I was dying my shirt/item. What should I do?

Because the dye is permanent, we strongly encourage participants to wear the protective aprons that are provided in every Try Dye kit.

In order to ensure bright and vibrant colors that last for years, we use Procion fabric reactive dye in our tie dying process. Because the dye chemically bonds with natural fibers, it will permanently stain most clothing it comes in contact with.

The stain may be lighter if you immediately soak the spot with cold water and wash the clothing item as soon as possible.

How do I remove dye stains from my hands?

Even with protective gloves on, you may occasionally find a bit of dye on your hand or wrist. Dye stains are best removed if you wipe them off right away. If your skin is stained, then soap, water and patience are your best bets. With regular hand washing, most dye stains will be gone within a day or so.

Can I tie-dye my own items with the dyes included the kit?

Every shirt or item that we provide has been specially pre-treated to ensure a strong chemical bond with the fabric dyes. Other items will not have received this important pre-treatment step, so they will not dye properly. (The colors will be muted and will likely fade quickly with washing.)

Will the Try Dye process still work if we remove or change the placement of the rubber bands?

Every Try Dye kit contains shirts/items that have been pre-spun and pre-banded to create the popular spiral pattern. However, you are welcome to change or remove the bands for different tie-dye effects. Just be sure to make sure the shirt is rolled and banded tightly when you’re done—that’s important to get the true tie-dye look!

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